Sunday, October 12, 2008

Complex training from Mountain Athlete

Rob from Mountain Athlete has posted a video of one of his sessions

Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Good find Chris - inspiring stuff. Being a former fell-runner (I still do the occasional small one) this really appeals. If only I had seen this 2 years ago when I thought all I had to do to train for running up mountains was.... run up mountains!

Chris said...

Hi there

Fell running! I've done two hill races here in Scotland and they were tough. The climb was bad enough but the run down hill was amazing; the top guys just seemed to take the brakes off and launch themselves down. It is a very specialist skill.

Mountain Athlete is a good site to explore, as is Gym Jones - the link is on the right.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring - the limitations of my gym are becoming increasingly conspicuous. Very much geared towards iron-pumping or treadmill-flogging. I think I will need to somewhere else when my subscription runs out.

Scotland has some great hill races - I had ambitions to do Ben Nevis at one point (hard to get into because there's a 500-person limit) but my conversion from endurance exercise ocurred before I got round to it. The fell running culture in the lakes has some great history - the Bob Graham Round is a challenge whereby you must ascend 42 peaks in under 24 hours. The best time is about 14 hours. This is a phenomenal echievement when you consider the heights and distances involved!