Saturday, August 11, 2007

Anthony Colpo - fat loss bible....

Anthony Colpo is a really interesting researcher who has written a lot about conditioning, diet, nutrition, muscle building etc. He used to maintain a great website called the Omnivore, but he took that down when he published a book - the Great Cholesterol Con.

He is a very good and accessible writer and makes a meticulous examination of the so-called science that criticises cholesterol. If you want to check out an article he wrote have a look at LDL Cholesterol: “Bad” Cholesterol, or Bad Science? which was published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 10 Number 3 Fall 2005.

Colpo also hosts a discussion forum looking at building muscle on a low carb diet.

To get to the point, I understand that Anthony has anew book out - The Fat Loss Bible. I'm not able to review it yet - i have a Mac and it is only available on PC...but I know from reading his other books that this one will not disappoint. Click Here to go to the order page for the book. (the page is a bit over the top - typical internet marketing style - but I am sure it will be a good read. Don't let the hyperbole of the marketing put you off)

For more on Colpo, read an interview with him here.


Anonymous said...

Concerning the link to:
LDL Cholesterol:"Bad" Cholesterol, or Bad Science.

Please note that the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons is not listed in Pub Med or Wed of Science.

Also check out this link to info on this association.

Chris said...

Thanks for the comment and the link. I had no idea that the association was the sort of organisation described in the Wikipedia article.

Being a cholesterol sceptic is not limited to right wingers - the article below was publisehd in the popular left wing news magazie in the UK - the New Statesman - written by a medical doctor -

However, it is the content of Colpo's article and book that interests me. What do you think of it?

His book, the writings of Yudkin, Eades, Groves, Kendrick and Ravnskov have made me quite sceptical about the cholesterol hating that goes on.

Check out

Or for another scientific paper that says that high colesterol is protective rather than damaging:

However, it is to all of us to make up our own minds on these things, I'm just throwing out smoe alternative views for your consdieration.

Thanks for the comment.

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