Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Intermittent Fasting cures Type 2 Diabetes?

Sorry to go back to the whole intermittent fasting thread of ideas but I came across this account and wanted to highlight it. It is probably not satisfactorily scientific for some but nevertheless is is an interesting account of how one person apparently reversed their diabetes through using an intermittent fasting protocol.

It is by a guy called Lee Shurie and explains how he arrived at IF while trying to control his blood sugar after being diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic.

Read the story here of How I Defeated Type II Diabetes


Type 2 Diabetes said...

Diabetes is a very common disease. The deficiency of insulin leads to type 1 diabetes and the inability of the body to absorb insulin leads to type 2 diabetes. It is commonly found in children and teens. There are many signs and symptoms like fatigue, weakness, excessive urination, weight gain or loss, itching in genital organs etc. Cholesterol, hypertension, obesity are few causes of type 2 diabetes. Regular exercise and right diet helps you to prevent
from diabetes.

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