Monday, August 6, 2007

Lift Strong

This is a bit of a break from the research, to point you towards a really good cause and a really good value resource. Alwyn Cosgrove is a top fitness coach, originally from Scotland, but now based in the States. He is also a two time cancer survivor, having twice beaten Lymphoma.

He has put together this great CD containing some fantastic material from some of the top fitness and conditioning coaches, with all the proceeds going to medical research. Even without the good cause the material is top rate and great value.

I'll quote:

As most of you know - I am a two time cancer survivor and underwent a complete stem cell transplant in June of 2006.

To find a cure for cancer -- we need to fund research. To fund research -- we need money. Plain and simple.

I decided it was time for the fitness community to give back. I approached several of my closest friends in this industry and asked them to contribute to a little "book project" that I had in mind - to give me a 3-4 page article.

This little "book project" turned into an 800 page monster! My friends did not disappoint me -- and we have now (to keep costs down - released this product as a CD with all the articles in pdf format on the disc). I have 55 authors who contributed. For less than 50c each - (if that matters to you) - you can read all their articles.

I also included my email diaries when I was going through treatment. This was a "live" in-the-trenches-on-the-frontline account of cancer treatment - everything that went through my head.

All the proceeds from the sale of this product go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

We had over thirty thousand people read this blog last month. I had 22,000 people read my last article on t-nation.

If you were one of them -- I urge you to support this cause and purchase this CD. Your purchase WILL make a difference.

You are reading this today because I am alive after facing cancer twice.
I am alive today because of advanced medical treatment.
Medical treatment discovered by research.
Research funded by money.
Money sourced from donations.

Donations from people like you.

Please help.

Go on - Lift Strong

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