Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Obesity and pancreatic cancer...and a commercial break......

This blog (and my page and blog) has quite a few book adverts with links to amazon. I have read all the books that I advertise on this site and they are all worth reading. Just so you are clear, if you do order one through one of these links, I get a small (very small) % commission from Amazon.

I will only post links to books I've read and would recommend. (Incidentally this is not really something I'm doing for profit - there has been one book order since I started this blog......meaning that so far I've made 51 pence! I don't think I'll retire just yet.)

Also I think that since my adverts are for the UK Amazon and most of my visitors are from the USA I may not be targeting my audience correctly...

Then again I am not doing this for the money....and just so this post isn't focussed entirely on my advertising strategy, here is an interesting study with another reason to exercise and stay lean:

Obesity and lack of exercise could enhance the risk of pancreatic cancer

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