Monday, August 13, 2007

Stretching 3 only the tight bits

The reason that I wanted to talk about stretching was an almost miraculous experience over the weekend when some of what I had been reading recently suddenly dropped into place. My back troubles me from time to time, sometimes due to stress. Anyway, recently a physio / sports therapist spotted one aspect of the problem - tight psoas muscles, which were referring pain to my back. Anyway, stretching the psoas and the other hip flexors got rid of the problem. Every time that it arose.

This finally made sense of things I had been reading about Tonic and Phasic muscles and the need to balance the body. Tight muscles should be stretched and loose ones shouldn't be.

The amazing Paul Chek explains all this here.

Mark Reifkind's post Stretching Out highlights some of the same issues.

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