Monday, September 10, 2007

What do you train for?

This one is more personal - no abstracts, no science!

You can probably tell the sort of training I do from the type of research that I put up here. Hard intervals, circuits, explosive jumps and lifts, functional movements trying to work all planes of motion - that sort of thing. I am nothing special really but for a 39 year old bureaucrat I think I am pretty fit.

Twice tonight at the gym I was asked what I was training for. The Polish guy that works in the gym asked me and we were able to have a good chat about what I was doing, then another guy that I work with, who had been watching me train, also asked what I was doing, what I was training for and who had written my programme. What I do is pretty unusual I suppose, but I think it is based on sound science.

What am I training for?

I said I was just keeping fit, but really that doesn't cover it.

I train for FUN - I really enjoy this. The feeling of the movements, the hard work;
I train for FORM - it sounds vain, but I want to look OK. I was a fat kid and now take a pride in being leaner than most guys my age; and
I train for FUNCTION - I want to be able to do things - walk up mountains, shift furniture; lift shopping....I want to be fit enough to have a good life as I get old.

I've been injured a few times and to be honest that last one is the most important - it is only when you can no longer do some basic things that you really appreciate, your fitness. Lifting huge weights or running fast times means nothing if your back is so bad that you cannot sit or tie your own laces. FUNCTION is the prime concern, staying healthy and mobile.

Why do you train? Put some ideas in the comments.

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terry said...

I exercise to stay fit. If I do not exercise, I feel it pretty quickly, and it does not feel good.