Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Indoor Rowing - Concept 2: World Record for 500m

I came across this video on the Crossfit Central Scotland site. I really like Crossfit CS. These aren't the chiselled Californian superhero crossfitters that you see in the videos from CS HQ. These guys look like normal people....plus they are from Motherwell, which is about as down to earth as it gets.

Anyway, this is an inspiring video of a 500m world record on the rower. If you have ever tried it you will know how hard this is. The 500m distance is a real challenge. It is further than a sprint, but no so far that you can settle into it.

Smooth and powerful.


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That is awesome, I never knew how hard this can be, I think I would only lasted for a few seconds rowing like that.

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Yeah definitely agree, I run everyday for health you know, but doing this everyday will kill me, because I work and study, but i wish i could do it, I'm gonna try it once.