Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another research update

This won't be a lengthy post. I just wanted to highlight a few interesting studies that I have come across in the last few days. Check these out.

Running won't save you from heart disease: - we have talked before about some of the problems with endurance exercise. Following the sad death of Ryan Shay, the Science of Sport blog say that overall exercise is good and the risk is low...Check their previous posts on this too.

I am a cholesterol sceptic. I do not believe that a diet high in cholesterol is a bad thing or that high levels of cholesterol in the blood are bad for you. Of course doctors and pharmaceutical companies say different. Have a look at these:

Kids Who Skimp on Sleep Tend to Be Fatter - remember the post on darkness and growth hormone? All this is connected!

Does the Atkins diet damage blood vessels? - Dr Eades destroys the science behind this story that claimed that The high-fat Atkins diet can cause long-term damage to blood vessels, as well as some of the inflammation linked with heart and artery disease, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday. Lou Schuler also notes that this is rubbish - in The Worst "Atkins Will Kill You" Study Ever!

That's all for now! (I'm looking forward to more exercise related research popping up soon....)

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