Monday, November 12, 2007

Ever wondered where kettlebells came from?

Some history

Kettlebells are fairly fashionable items at the moment in the strength / conditioning field. I've just bought a set myself from Stan Pike at intense fitness here in Scotland. They are good and allow you to do certain movements that are a lot more difficult and a lot different with dumbells.

However, have you ever thought about where they came from originally, and I'm not thinking of Russia?

I recently came across these objects when in a museum here in Edinburgh.

They are described as "bell weights":

These date from 1800:

I definitely would not want to snatch any of those! Plus the square handle would wreck your palm.

Kettlebells were originally the same as these things - weights for use in trade.



Anonymous said...

This guy claims that kettlebells originated in Scotland also.

Chris said...

Cheers - that is interesting

I wasn't meanign to say that kbs are not Russian - they are. I was thinkin more that where they came from, was from being weights used for market trade.

Scott said...

Chris, are those the ones at Huntly House?

Chris said...

Scott - they are in the Museum of Edinburgh - bottom end of the Royal Mile.

I've just looked it up and found it used to be called Huntly House. Nice one.