Monday, December 3, 2007

more cholesterol scepticism....

This comes from Dr Briffa:

Conventional medical thinking is that high levels of cholesterol in the blood stream cause ‘atherosclerosis’ – a furring up of the arteries through the build of fatty deposits there. Atherosclerosis is believed to be the underlying process in pretty much all heart attacks, and about 85 per cent of strokes (15 per cent of strokes are caused by bleeding rather than vessel blockage). Logic would dictate that the if cholesterol causes atherosclerosis, then higher levels of cholesterol should increase the risk of both heart disease and stroke deaths. The fact that this appears not to be the case appears to have left the researchers who unearthed this data a little nonplussed.

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Rannoch Donald RKC said...

Great Stuff Chris.

I really enjoying this blog. Lots of good info!

How's the back?


Chris said...

Thanks Rannoch - I just try to post things I find interesting.

My back- was fine after the workshop but I tweaked it a bit last night. I blame that more on stress at work and about other things though.

Thanks for asking