Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The latest craze....ropes

It is funny how things suddenly become "fashionable" in this weird subculture of strength and conditioning.....

All of a sudden it seems to be about ropes:

You can also use a towel (to undulate?!), or use the ropes to train for wrestling?

Lots of people seems to be doing this:

Or here

Even the strange Primal Power guy has got into it......

how long before there are certifications in undulating ropes?!


Marc said...

Who is this unique individual?
Thanks for posting, I enjoyed watching it, was better than any tv on last night.
Have a great day.


Chris said...

Thanks Marc

if you mean the ZZ Top look a like, he is a ninteresting chap.

Check his blog:


Bob said...

Certification in chain, not rope, training is already available:


Have a look:


Chris said...

Thanks Bob.

Rick Mayo said...

You're right, there is a certification for the ropes. I don't see the point but you can get certified in anything these days. http://www.powerropes.com/

By the way, that is me in the second video.