Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quick Research Update

I just wanted to point to a few bits and pieces of research I'd spotted in the last couple of days. I don't have any real big insightful commentaries, only wanted to present them for you to take a peek at:

Low-carbohydrate-diet score and risk of type 2 diabetes in women

Objective: The objective was to examine the association between low-carbohydrate-diet score and risk of type 2 diabetes

This was over 20 years and they found that diets lower in carbohydrate and higher in fat and protein do not increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in women. In fact - the higher the carb intake, the higher the risk of diabetes.

So chalk one up for the low carb diet being healthy over the long term

How we’ve come to believe that overeating causes obesity

Decades of sound studies have continued to show that healthy obese people eat and behave no differently than anyone else to explain why their bodies are bigger. It’s not “overeating,” or eating “unhealthy” foods or not enough “healthy” foods, or too little activity, that explains why some of us are fat and others lean.

An interesting article ( I don't agree with all of it) from Junkfood Science in which Sandy examines the Keys experiment that was also commented on recently by Dr Eades, when he used it to illustrate that there is more to gaining or losing weight than simple equations about calories. It isn't only how much you are eating, rather it is also important to think on what you are eating.

Is there a new component of the Mediterranean diet that reduces inflammation?

A report that higher dietary intakes of choline and betaine in the Greek population reduce inflammation as assessed by several biomarkers in blood........Diets high in choline are also high in eggs and meat; diets high in betaine are likely to be high in plant foods.......

Sounds a bit like a paleo diet

Oh and berries might be good for you....

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