Monday, March 17, 2008

Daily balance training

I've written a little bit in the past about balance - an over looked and under appreciated aspect of fitness. Essential in sports but also in everyday life, especially as we age and the prospect of a fall with its consequent potential for injury grows.

In a recent post on knee injury I noted that I was always on the look out for new balance training ideas and resources.

Scott Sonnon's blog today had a balance programme - the Four Corner Balance Drill - that is simple, yet with the progressions he suggests, suitably challenging, through each plane of motion.

Developing coordination can be achieved much more effectively using the following drills for trainees of all skill levels. They combine strength, muscular endurance, muscle control, agility, soft tissue strengthening, dynamic range of motion, and dynamic flexibility along with, of course, coordination training. They are listed in order of difficulty:
  • Basic (1-3 months of training)
  • Intermediate (4-6 months of training)
  • Advanced (7-9 months of training)
  • Elite (1-2 years)

They should be practiced for only 10-15 minutes a day, every day, 3-5 repetitions per position in ultra-slow and ultra smooth movement. Do this, and you will see dramatic developments within 3 weeks.

As far as balance training, this set of drills is the only exercise you’ll ever need. Period. It covers every range of motion possible — hence the namesake of this article: Three Dimensional Balance: No Equipment. No Fuss. No Cost!

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Mike OD - IF Life said...

In training some of the older generation I can also say that balance is a key factor in health the older we grow. Because if you don't fall down, then you won't get injured. A 70yr person who falls could be in serious condition if they break something. 80% of health is good prevention, 90% nutrition and 100% sleep...wait...that math can't be right.