Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I don't like fruit juice

Back in January I pointed out that the Guardian had a thought-provoking piece on fruit, saying that the current focus on fruit in the diet is not necessarily healthy: The myths of fruit

I was thinking of this reading Dr Briffa's latest post:
Study links fruit juice consumption with increased risk of diabetes


Stephan said...

Those mainstream articles are always such a mixed bag! I like some of what they have to say about fruit, but then they lump leafy greens in the same category and go so far as to say lettuce isn't nutritious! That might apply to iceberg lettuce, but not a proper lettuce like romaine.

Trinkwasser said...

Fruit spikes the hell out of my BG, the only exceptions being strawberries blueberries cherries and about half an apple. This more than undoes the good from the rest of their contents. There are a whole mass of vegetables which don't do this so I eat lots of them instead, keep my carbs down and the micronutrients up. Plus they're cheaper and often locally grown.