Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ibuprofen - the latest 'roid for the aged?

This is a weird story that popped up yesterday. Basically, a study has found that

..over-the-counter painkillers may promote muscle growth in older patients during weight training...
In 24 patients with a mean age of 64, recommended daily doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen were associated with gains of about 50% in muscle volume and strength compared with placebo after 12 weeks of resistance training, Chad Carroll, Ph.D., of Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., and colleagues reported at the Experimental Biology meeting here.

"These results suggest that chronic consumption of ibuprofen or acetaminophen during resistance training induces intramuscular changes that enhance the metabolic response to resistance exercise," said Todd Trappe, Ph.D., also of Ball State.

I really don't know what to make of this one!

Have a look at the full story: OTC Painkillers Also Help Grandpa Get Buff (!)

It is also reported by Eureka here.

Maybe these guys need some?

Talking of older people weight-training, there was a story in the NY Times yesterday about bodybuilders in their 60's and 70's: 60-Plus, Ripped, and Natural Competitors


Dave Clary said...

This is really interesting--especially since I currently have a prescription that calls for taking 2400mg a day of ibuprofen. I'm a little short of the mean age in the study (I'm 56)but it sure would be nice to get some muscle gain out of it along with the pain relief!

Chris said...

Hi Dave.

I'm 40 so again a little younger than these guys.

Getting older is an interesting thing - stretching and joint mobilistation work is getting more important and the rule of "Do no harm" is also getting more real!


Dave Clary said...


My wife will be 63 in May and she does multiple sets of pull ups, dips, and push ups as well as lead spinning classes (I really need to get some video of it). But she considers the most important thing she does the 45 minutes of stretching she performs six days a week. That's about 40 minutes a day more than I do, and that's something I really need to change!