Saturday, April 26, 2008

More barefoot walking

I've had things in the past on the benefits of going barefoot.

New York Magazine online suggests that despite your innate ability to walk, years of walking in shoes has got you doing it all wrong. This results in more aches and pains in your body than you should naturally encounter. The article makes the case that - despite the great lengths shoe manufacturers have taken to bring comfort to your step - most shoes are doing more harm than good.

Credit to Lifehacker for pointing out the story


Jaana said...

After reading this, for a moment I thought there is a new model of vibram five fingers out!
But I still recommend five fingers, they are just greatest "shoes" I have ever had.

Stephan said...

I wish there was more selection in thin-soled shoes. Vivo barefoots seem nice but they're sold out forever since that article came out. They're expensive too. I have some Inov8s but they're still more shoe than I want. The fivefingers don't fit my prehensile big toes. Any other ideas Chris?

Chris said...

Sorry Stephan - no ideas here. I've not been able to source any 5 fingers in Edinburgh although I could probably mail order.

I try to go barefoot - or just in socks in the house and wear simple thin shoes outside - innov8s or even Chuck Taylors / Converse.

It is hillwalking boots I struggle with. My latest pair are lighter and more flexible but often the guys in the shops are trying to sell you heavy stiff soled things that are really bad for your feet.

I read Ray Jardine's Beyond Backpacking a few years ago and he convinced me that boots needed to be as simple as possible too.

Anonymous said...

well stephan, the five fingers are becoming really popular... i bet if you sniffed around you could find a way to make some that fit your feet and then sell them. i'm sure your not the only one with big toes. best of luck!