Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm Back Again

Just had an excellent week in the highlands. Seven new Munros climbed (223 total now, only 61 to go). The weather was surprisingly good all week. Windy, but otherwise excellent.

This photo above looking over to Ben Nevis from Aonach Beag, last Wednesday. A hard day - only about a 15km walk but over 1200m of ascent which was tough.

Back to normal posting activity now....


terrence said...

Welcome back, and nice photo, Chris.

When you go on walks like this, do you camp out, or stay in lodgings?

Chris said...

Hi terrence

Usually we stay in hostels, but for some of the hills you really have to camp or stay in bothies (these are open huts that are maintained throughout the highlands that anyone is free to stay in).

This last week one of the places we stayed in was a beautiful hostel in the middle of Rannoch Moor which is only accessible by train (or on foot) - Loch Ossian - a fantastic place.

Debs said...

Lovely picture.