Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scientific Study of the "paleolithic" diet

Here is another study of the impact of a Paleolithic diet. The abstract is linked to below, but I also managed to get the whole paper this time. So click on the tables to see the results

Effects of a short-term intervention with a paleolithic diet in healthy volunteers

Looking at the results in the full study, there are some interesting bits.

In terms of macro nutrient ratios the diet went from 13.5% / 54.3% / 29.6% protein / carbs / fat to 23.9% / 40% / 35.8% (% of calories). Total energy intake went down from 2478 to 1584.

I suppose if you wanted to link the changes in blood lipids etc to the diet you'd have to make is iso-calorific. Otherwise all we can say is that taking in fewer calories has an effect.....

Interesting anyway and worth reading. UPDATE Br Briffa comments on this here. And of course the establishment do not like it!


Stephan said...

That study is really frustrating.

I really wish they had designed it to be able to dissociate calories and food choice. Why are paleolithic diet studies often so bad? Maybe the funding situation is dire. They pretty much summed it up with "further studies, including control group, are needed".

Anonymous said...

A 30% dropout rate for a study that only lasts 3 weeks seems to say that they were starving, the food was terrible, or both. Odd that they didn't measure body fat since that's what we care about, not total weight or BMI.

Regina Wilshire said...

Wondering...what were they eating to miss calcium yet exceed (a good thing) potassium and increase their fiber intake?

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