Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spiderman pushups

At Monday's Combat Ready Class, we were doing these as part of a pushup circuit. (Although Marcus called them mountain climbers..which I think are something different.)

Here they are demonstrated by Craig Ballantyne. They are tough, especially after Burpee ladders.....


Marc said...


Thank you!!
Thanks to your continues "digging" for good info out there, I'm able to keep adding great new stuff into my workouts. The Spider man pushups are awesome.

On vacation for a week in the mountains of Georgia. Great hiking and river fun to be had here.
I took my kids "tubing" today.
I have had some grueling shoulder workouts before, but nothing like keeping four kids and their tubes afloat.
A good 5 hours later, my shoulders are still on fire.

TheReaper35 said...

You're right about mountain climbers being different. Mountain climbers are where you start from a "arched" push-up position almost (i.e. bent back, with butt in the air), and then you bring one leg knee-to-chest, bring that down, and then bring the other one up and repeat. These are usually done at a fairly high pace as well.

Anonymous said...

Spiderman pushups? Ha! Beginners stuff I say. Put a medicine ball (not leather but hard plastic so you really have to stabilize) under that rear foot and now you're talking.

Chris said...

hi Marc - the mountains sound great! Here in Scotland the hills seem to be permanently shrouded in cloud at the moment......