Friday, August 29, 2008

Intermittent Fasting - the experts discuss

(Photo courtesy of Leangains)

Over at the IF Life there is a great post up with a round table discussion among some of the key proponents of intermittent fasting. Martin of Leangains, Brad of Eat Stop Eat and Mike of the IF Life share some valuable thoughts.

One of the points Martin makes is important and something that he has really taught me:

Question #2: “What are some of the Biggest Mistake you see people (currently or potentially) doing with IF?”
Martin: The biggest I see is still making poor food choices in relation to their goals and what they wan’t to achieve. Using a haphazard approach despite having clearly defined goals (i.e. people want to get ripped yet don’t have any clue about the amount of carbs, protein and fat they’re eating). If you have ambitious goals, count on having to invest time in getting your nutrition in check. I also don’t think people should be training completely fasted when it comes to weight training. Proper pre- and post-workout nutrition is important in my opinion. Lastly is people housing an irrational fear of carbs. This is counterproductive for anyone involved in anaerobic, glycogen dependent activities such as weight training, interval running, CrossFit and such. Carbs are not the bad guy, it’s how you use them that matters.

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