Thursday, August 21, 2008

Train for football - play football

one for Dr Duncan....

This makes sense. If you want to train football....then play football. Sprints, balance, calisthenics etc are all fine, but the functional training is in the game

Heart Rate Responses During Small-Sided Games and Short Intermittent Running Training in Elite Soccer Players: A Comparative Study.

The purpose of this study was to compare heart rate (HR) responses within and between physical controlled (short-duration intermittent running) and physical integrated (sided games) training methods in elite soccer players.

In conclusion, these findings showed that some small-sided games allow the HR to increase to the same level as that in short-duration intermittent running. The sided game method can be used to bring more variety during training, mixing physical, technical, and tactical training approaching the intensity of short-duration intermittent running but with higher intersubject variability.

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Dr Craig S. Duncan said...

Hi Chris there is a definate need to maintain variety in training and players love to use the ball. I advocate small sided games for fitness as they are specific and as you say to be good for the game play the game - however to me the best method is to use both such as alternating small sided games with designated intermittant running as in reality when players play the game there will be loafing so by doing both you will get the best of both Worlds