Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dan John - 3 Tips

I like Dan John

Here is a new article of his

Using dead stop movements to blow past a sticking point; how ab work has nothing to do with building a six-pack; and how you should blow-torch the treadmill and burn fat in a way that works.

If you like his stuff, check out his magazine - Get up! , especialy if you like strongman / highland games type stuff. The Mission is stated clearly:

Our mission? To teach everyone:

1. The Body is One Piece
2. There are three kinds of strength training:
  • Putting weight overhead
  • Picking it off the ground
  • Carrying it for time or distance
3. All training is complementary


Marc said...

Hey Chris,

Good stuff. I agree with the 1.2.3 list. I go for beach walks and fill up an old backpack with sand. Sometimes on my back, or I just carry it in front of my body.
It's a GOOD workout.
Have a great day!

Gubernatrix said...

I like Dan John too! Reading his stuff reminds me what it's all about.