Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ski specific training

....from Mountain Athlete. Rob has begun to train his guys for the ski season. He calls this routine Bustin Glory and you can learn more about it on his site.

"Bustin' Glory" is our first foray of this sport-specific gym training for skiing/snowboarding that we will be hammering again and again over the next six weeks. I've got three basic goals:

(1) Prepare my athlete's eccentric leg strength for the demands skiing and snowboarding will place upon them their first day on the mountain.

(2) Prepare my athletes for the mode-specific endurance hit of boot packing and skinning uphill that comes with backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering.

(3) Get strong all those little muscles which get hammered when legs are strapped into heavy boots and onto skis or a snowboard. We're going to do this by wearing our equipment in the gym, and exercising with it on.

Now I admit, some of this stuff may look a little silly (see videos below). I'm willing to take the inevitable criticism, if it works. I already know that the traditional strength and conditioning approach I took last year, did not do the job.

Take the time to read his reasoning behind the routine - it is interesting stuff. Here is how it looks:

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