Monday, November 17, 2008

Core Circuit

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"JUST FOR JAN" is a core-focused session I drew up for one of my athletes who happens to be one of the best hill-climbing snowmobilers in the world.

Many self propelled "mountain athletes" including hikers, skiers, climbers, etc., discount snowmobilers and moto cross riders as Bud-Light-drinking, country-music listenin', lazy rednecks.

And they'd be pretty much right on about the Bud Light, country music, and redneck part, but not the lazy. It is hard to describe how physical and athletic is it to ride a snowmobile gracefully in deep powder, let alone climbing hills with it. I've done just a little of it, and I suck at it, but I have great respect for the physical work and athletic prowess of the sport.

Jan has won the Hill Climbing World Championship a couple times, and is sponsored by Arctic Cat. This fall we've worked on her overall fitness and strength, and in "Just for Jan" I tried to get a little more specific by hitting her midsection and grip - to areas that really get worked riding sleds hard.

The video at the bottom shows Brenton working through the second circuit of "Just for Jan."

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Jay C said...

Nice WOD Thanks for posting