Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More refutations of that statin study and a plea for you to COMPLAIN!

A couple more refutations of that statins study....

From Junkfood Science: When the news sounds too good… statin, the new wonder drug


From Dr Eades: Truth versus hype in the JUPITER study

If you are as annoyed as I was about the biased news coverage of this thing, do what did: complain to the BBC. Their coverage on radio, TV and their news website was free advertising for Astra Zenica and lazy journalism which did not critically examine the facts, but just rehashed the press release. Complain via the BBC Complaints

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Methuselah said...

Done - "Your reporting of the JUPITER study on statins was lazy across the board and amounted to free advertising for Astra Zeneca. Is it too much to ask that your correspondents should undertake a critical analysis of the study rather than simply re-hashing the press release?"