Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Joint Mobility

Thinking back over this year in terms of training / health there are a few things that I have started to incorporate into my life. I've mentioned all of these things in this blog

  • Posture - I have come to appreciate posture as important to health and something we need to incorporate in our understanding of what is natural and primal. Esther Gokhale's writings have been particularly helpful
  • Krav maga - I've begun training in Krav Maga initially for the fitness but increasingly for other reasons. Self defence is a useful skill, it is real functional exercise and the social aspect is rewarding. Much of my training has been done solo and playing around in a group is!
  • Joint Mobility - I am incorporating joint mobility moves into my daily routines often using Sonnon's material or Maxwell's Daily Dozen. As I get older mobility is becoming more and more important.
Here is a new piece that Straight to the Bar pointed me to - A Beginner's Guide to Joint Mobility


frey maxim said...

Check out "Magnificent Mobility" by Eric Cressey. This is an outstanding resource for mobility exercises.

ninjaclectic said...

I'd be interested in hearing what you think of Krav Maga. Have you taken martial arts in the past?

Chris said...


I'll post more about the Krav at some point. I've done no martial arts before and only got involved in this because I started doing a class- kettlebells, and circuit training - that the Krav Maga club was running before a class. This was stopped after a few months because of a clash with other things at the club, but I wanted to keep doing something so started going a long to the regular classes.

I've found it really useful - the physical training is fun and functional and the actual techniques for self defense are intuitive and quite easy to learn. being fit is one thing, but it is useful to be aware of a few techniques for self defense as necessary.

It is a good club socially as well - everyone is friendly and encouraging.

Plus it is primal - nothing more primal than fighting and wrestling!