Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gymnastic Bodies

Inspired by Asclepius I've bought a copy of Chris Sommer's book Building the Gymnastic Body.

I might put a proper review up soon, but I am really enjoying the book. you can tell he publishes it himself in that it is not the best quality printing or binding, but it is good enough. His contention is that gymnastic training is actually the most effective means of building strength and he provides a series of progressions to get you to be effective at a range of gymnastic moves.

What I really want to achieve is a planche....just because they look so cool. I'm currently using the progression in the article here. It will take a while but I am progressing.

There are some amazing articles on YouTube from Sommer. For all you jump fans,check out this one:


Adam Steer, Better Is Better said...

I'm waiting for my copy. Hoping it will arrive this week. It's great to hear that you are enjoying it!

I've been working on the planche for a while. It's a long trek, but I think I'm almost there. We'll have to compare notes.


South Beach Steve said...

Wow! Those jumps were pretty impressive.

Methuselah - Pay Now Live Later said...

Been trying to order a copy but having problems with their website. I'm also working on the planche, to some extend inspired and encouraged by by Ascepius. Also getting into the front lever - not as a static movement but as something to slowly go into from a dead hang and slowly unfurl from - three of those and your abs have worked harder than any set of crunches!

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