Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lance Swings

Lance Swings

and so does Ross:


theorytopractice said...

A fabulous, highly recommended, exercise.

Anonymous said...

I like that they have created a way to really put some load on a swing, however it is obvious that he is lifting the load with his arms past waist level. Little hip snap. Basically just grunting the weight to eye level, which goes against the general purpose of the swing. Good and bad in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The t-handle (aka Hungarian Core Blaster) is great. I built one last year after Dan John recommended something similar.

As for the last comment, the man in the video is certainly generating power from the legs and hips. 150 pounds wouldn't be going anywhere without it. The motion is a bit different than a kettlebell swing. You can't let the weights get on top of the t-handle or you'll lose control of the apparatus. You also need to vary your stance slightly to prevent the weights from hitting the floor. It will hang a bit lower than a kettlebell so you need to watch out.

So yes, the hips and lower body are still working, but you can't get carried away and lose control of the contraption or you'll be in trouble.

Great blog btw