Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our bodies are designed for a world that no longer exists.....

Exuberant Animal Presentation

I've talked about Frank Forencich - and his book Play as if your Life depends on it - before. His books are great for ripping through the science and getting to the heart of having fun moving.

Here, Frank Forencich gives a live presentation on "A Body Centered Curriculum", subtitled "The Primate's Predicament". In the presentation he reviews the current state of modern health - while this seems like a bleak picture, he then offers suggestions on how to improve our bodies, minds, and culture(s) by doing a slight mind-set slide. Absolutely superb.

Exuberant Animal's Frank Forencich gives hope to the modern man (and woman) from Lauren Muney on Vimeo.


Jessica said...

Thank you so much for sharing that video. It was wonderful.

Mary said...

What a brilliant video. You may, if you haven't already, want to check out Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy, which specifically and deliberately inetgrates the body of the child into the learning process (eurythmy and other methods); also Jean Liedloff's "The Continuum Concept". Mary (in Paris, France)