Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hindu Pushups and Hindu Squats in the Snow

Thomas Kurz:

People ask me how to do Hindu push-ups and Hindu squats. Instead of describing these exercises in many words, I show them in a movie below. The movie shows how I cool down after my typical strength workout at the same time maintaining muscular endurance and getting my vitamin D too. It was shot right after I have done my overhead lifts, squats, and deadlifts.


Chris - fitnessfail.com said...

Hindu squats really wear on my knees.
I'm most certainly not one of the "afraid of squatting" crowd -

I think people should squat deep, heavy and often. But these give me trouble...

Just something to be aware of, apparently you don't have problems with them.

thomaskurz said...

All depends on your form and on your knees....

Anonymous said...

I can do 'Airborne lunges' 'Bulgarian Squats' and other squats, but Hindus bother my sacroiliac joint for some reason.
I like them, and am open to Mr. Kurz's suggestion of why they aggravate the SI and what to do about it....?

tomkurz said...

I can't even guess why doing Hindu squats bothers your sacroiliac joint because I don't see how you move. Further, I am not a physician or physiotherapist, so unless you do something obviously wrong, I wouldn't be able to diagnose your problem. But I can direct you to Stadion's Forum members posts describing their experiences with various medical specialties:





Good luck!