Friday, March 6, 2009

More Exuberance

Following on from the video of Frank Forencich talking about his ideas of how to move as Exuberant Animals, here is a video of him taking a training session, training people to be trainers in his approach.

He makes it fun and makes it a game (a tribal game?) which I think is really important

( as some commenters also point out there is a vaguely hippy vibe to the whole thing too - it wouldn't fit in the sweaty gym i grew up in!)

Exuberant Animal - an invitation to physical happiness from Lauren Muney on Vimeo.


Skyler said...


I saw this just the other day and have since referred to the bearded man in the valley scenes as "The Fitness Shaman." It also reminds me a bit of this guy here:


Chris said...


I used to love the videos of that primal guy, but he hasn't updated for while - he was totally crackers.


mess talker said...

reminds me of college acting class.
except there's nobody crying in this video.

Nalini said...

This is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing!
Reminds me of Osho's active meditations, which can also leave you drenched in sweat and amazingly happy and calm afterwards :-)

Chris said...

I like the college acting class comment! There is certainly a hippy, yoga class feel to it all.