Sunday, April 5, 2009

High Intensity - Research from Wayne Westcott

Continuing the High Intensity theme, I have come across some other studies from Wayne Westcott. Westcott works for South Shore YMCA and is internationally-renowned authority in the area of strength fitness. In addition to serving as our Fitness Research Director for the Quincy Branch Keeping Fit Programs, Dr. Wayne Westcott has authored more than 20 books and serves as a consultant for numerous national organizations such as the U.S. Military, the American Council on Exercise, the American Senior Fitness Association, and the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation. He is also editorial advisor for many well-known publications, including Prevention, Shape, and Club Industry magazines.

Dr. Westcott has been honored with numerous awards from prestigious fitness organizations across the nation. We are pleased to have him serving our South Shore YMCA members through his award-winning fitness programs.

There are a stack of good research articles on a wide range of things from training for Golf to the best repetition ranges.

Articles by Wayne Westcott

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