Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hip Mobility Drill

from Mountain Athlete.

Looks good for the hip flexors (and glutes) which get tight if you sit behind a desk for most of the day


Anonymous said...

nice looking sequence; I'll have to try it out.

Any idea what the music was playing in the gym , in the background? Interesting stuff to workout to...

Anonymous said...

OK... a Cossack stretch, a yoga lunge and a yoga pigeon pose..... is this supposed to be something???

Chris said...


what is your problem?

It is something I saw that looked worth trying, a bit of variety

Rannoch Donald said...

Don't have anon posts Chirs. It encourages the muppets.

Great hips opener. Simple and not easy for the old guys!

Going to try this with the warrio walk!


Anonymous said...

OK, I can't get it to register my user name 'Sifter'. My name is Dave, not 'anon.' and I mean no disrespect, but anyone who has read Tom Furman's book, or ever read anything by Mike Roberston or Eric Cressey surely has come across your Hip Openers, Pavel's Cossack lunge,and the yoga poses.

No muppeteering here. You routinely present informative, sophisticated health and nutrition articles, but these stretches are extremely elementary exercises. I did not see anything special in them, and its too bad the Kool-aid drinking cheerleaders here are so afraid of hearing an alternate opinion.

Chris said...

Sifter - no hard feelings. I would guess that lots of people have not read the books that you mention.

I'm flattered to think I have Kool-aid drinking disciples. Maybe I better start a certification program and take advantage!

dangoldberg33 said...

Your original post says that sitting for prolonged periods of time will tighten up your Hip Flexors and Glutes, which I disagree with, in part. Hip flexors will tighten due to prolonged hip flexion and your hamstrings will tighten due to knee flextion and a posterior tilt in your pelvis. However, Gluts will stretch out due to hip flexion and become the opposite of tight.