Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hatton Knockout UPDATE

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton (special highlights HQ) from GORILLAproductions on Vimeo.

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Asclepius said...

A great film showing all that is compelling and distressing about blood sports.

Ricky is a powerful MOFO and has years of heavy weight lifting behind him (, but Manny's hands are lightning - and as in any survival situation, speed kills.

In that article, Ricky notes "[I] think my speed with surprise [Manny]. I think people underestimate my speed a little bit. I’ve changed up my training routine recently after years of doing heavy weight lifting. For the Mayweather fight I stopped doing the weights and I think my hands have been faster for it. With another training camp under my belt without the weights I think I’ll be even faster."

I found this link ( on Ricky's training which talks of treadmills, WHITE meat, potatoes, rice and being in the gym 'five days a week' under the instruction of a body builder. This is underlined with supplements to give Ricky "the nutrients he needs to train, not feel hungry and, most important, not put on weight".

I wonder if there are any paleo fighters out there? I wonder if a paleo fighter could hack it at the top level or whether boxing demands such 'specialisation'.

Here are is another link on Ricky's training:

It would be interesting to see how Ricky would have faired if it had gone to several more rounds....

All said and done, well done Manny and full credit to Ricky. Both are legends of the game!