Monday, July 6, 2009

CR Interviews

I thought I would just put up a post which listed some of the interviews I've done so far this year. I am amazed to have been able to get in touch with these guys and to have been able to learn directly from them.

Some of these guys seem quite different and come from different perspectives. However, interestingly, they have each been really helpful, open and willing to share their experience. I think they also share a common fascination for and love of movement and physical training, of the benefits of training the body and the mind.

Evolutionary / Paleo Interviews

Frank Forencich - Founder of Exuberant Animal

Erwan Le Corre - the athlete behind MovNat

Tamir Katz - a medical doctor who writes on hunter gatherer diet and exercise

Intermittent Fasting

Brad Pilon - the Author of Eat Stop Eat, an accessible but scientific book in intermittent fasting

General Fitness Training

Rannoch Donald - a top kettlebell trainer and conditioning expert from here in Edinburgh

High Intensity Training

Doug McGuff


John Little authors of the great Body by Science

Luke Carlson - with whom I discussed the various misconceptions about "functional training"

Back pain / Tensions Myositis Syndrome

Monte Hueftle - runner and expert on the way our emotions can cause physical pain.

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L. Wu said...

I loved the interview with Rannoch Donald! Keep up the great work :)