Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pool Jump

I like vertical jumps

this is an interesting variation. Jumping out of a pool......


someone just pointed me to this one!


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Levi said...

The pool jumps are becoming quite the trend! This is the first I've seen the backwards one, though - very impressive.

What I really like about BJ's jump is that he is maybe 5'9" while a lot of the other guys look to be well over 6' tall.

Chainey said...

At the risk of being overly negative again: I don't know how hard that feat is. Intuitively we feel that water exerts a great resistance - like if we think of trying to wade through waist-deep water, but the jump is not so much pushing against water as vacating displacement. Imagine holding a broom handle vertically down into water. It's hard to make a "stirring" motion, but very easy to pull it out. I'm not saying I could do what those guys do or that it's easy - just that without trying it myself I can't tell whether it's amazing or not (some things are easier than they look and some are harder).

However I do remember from my youth jumping up in a pool to catch an inflatable ball and I don't remember it being greatly harder than jumping in air.

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