Monday, July 20, 2009

Skyler's big jump

You know that I can rarely pass the opportunity to put up a video of a big jump! Here is Skyler - who writes a superb blog - with a 55" box jump. (the still shows the vid sideways, but it plays normal.)

All in Vibrams too

55" Box Jump from Skyler Tanner on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Above and beyond, my friend. Thanks for the highlight!

Asclepius said...

That is some serious f*cking jump-hustle Skyler! Interesting technique as well. I normally jump from quite a static position - which in retrospect, seems a tad artificial and too restrained. I might see if I can use your method to break that 50!

Chris - have you seen Andreas Thordkildsen's jump below?

He is 6'2" tall and around 200lbs - yet can do an iron cross as well!

Chris said...

Wow - just looked at Andreas' jump.....huge!