Tuesday, August 11, 2009

barefoot goes mainstream......

Barefoot is healthy....it is how you were meant to walk.... and I've posted several things about the benefit of ditching the shoes.

It has even hit The Guardian.

The barefoot running movement has built up serious momentum over the last few years, as followers have raved about the joys of ditching your trainers in favour of your own two feet. The health benefits, they say, are numerous, avoiding such perils as aching knee joints and damaged foot tissue, associated with over-cushioned training shoes. Many, including RunningBarefoot.org founder Ken Bob Saxton, even run marathons barefoot.


Bryce said...

Viva la vibrams!

Chainey said...

I can't seem to get those where I live (NZ).

A thought occurred to me the other day, though it's a long shot: I wonder if those booties that scuba divers wear would be similar. I've never been diving so it's only a guess. Any divers out there who have also worn five-fingers and can comment?

Arlo @phareon said...

Hey! I've been trying to get the word out everywhere. I had my first barefoot trail run/sprint today and I was absolutely blown away. I know I'm going to hurt tomorrow, as it was a new experience for my muscles and joints, but I couldn't stop. Running was FUN.

I summed up my experience by starting a blog. Just click on my name!

Bris said...

The 1960 Olympic marathon was won by a barefoot runner.