Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tactile Sensitivity

Tonight at Krav we did a lot of this sort of drill, moving from Exuberant Animal Style heckling onto stick work. Great fun in the rain led by Rannoch

The video by the way is from Ritchie at Streetfight Secrets.


Anonymous said...

If you like that drill then Wing Chun (prefereably Wong Shun Leung lineage) may be of interest. OB

Rannoch Donald said...

Good call anon. the sesistivity drills we did were not didimilar to chi sau but rather than prescribe inner/ouer gates aand opening positions (fook sua over tan etc) we simply worked on keeping contact whether one in one out, both in, both out etc.

the best way to work this drill is to make it non-competitive. It's only once folk actually "feel" direction that adding any type of strike becomes relevant.