Monday, September 7, 2009

Free Workouts

Mike and Scott have just launched their free workouts - Bodyfitburn:Bodyweight Revolution - 3 times a week they are publishing a scaleable bodyweight workout. Sort of a bodyweight simplified crossfit I suppose.

Joel has been doing something similar for a few year's with what is now called the Daily Fitness Solution Blog.

The Daily Fitness Solution is a general physical preparation program using bodyweight exercises and requiring just twenty minutes per day. It is a total fitness system, broad enough to be used as a stand alone exercise program but concise enough to be used as a complement to sports specific training. TDFS requires little or no equipment, and the exercises are simple to learn and perform safely. It is a fitness routine you can take with you anywhere, and with a daily commitment of only twenty minutes, even the busiest individual can find time to improve his health and fitness.

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