Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Testing Crossfit Endurance.

We've mentioned Crossfit Endurance before.

They use short intervals to train athletes for long distance endurance efforts. Interesting but controversial.

Some guys here in Scotland are about to test the Crossfit endurance approach.

On the 17th and 18th of October 2009 we’ll be conducting a wee experiment in human-powered distance covering. The West Highland Way, at just under 100 miles, is the ideal venue.

Two road cyclists, two mountain bikers and two runners will leave Fort William on Saturday morning. The roadies will follow the A82 (including the detour to Kinlochleven, no slacking here) and the others will be sticking to the WHW route.
The mtb and running records are around half an hour apart, so although the roadies will be sitting waiting with their feet up by the fire at the Real Food Café at the half way point, the rest is an unknown.

While we’re not expecting to break any records, it’s still very much a test.
The runners have trained using Crossfit. High intensity weight lifting and workouts to increase endurance without any distance training. It’s been proven to work for athletes in the US, but this is the first major trial in the UK, and it’s coming at the start of winter.
The weather will be a factor, and all the participants are being supplied with lightweight multisport clothing and equipment from some of the worlds leading manufacturers who are relying on the conditions to really test their products and provide valuable feedback.

The event (we’re not calling it a race, although times will be recorded, it’s not a race…) has been organised by Peter Macfarlane (PTC), the UK’s leading independent voice covering lightweight outdoor equipment and techniques. A regular Trail Magazine contributor, freelance writer and equipment tester.
After walking the WHW in a little over two days in lightweight style last year, PTC decided to have another shot. Friends volunteered, plans were formed and we’re now ready to go

I did half of the WHW last year over two days....can't imagine running it all like this!


Davie said...

Why are they taking two days?

Chris said...

They're obviously not training hard enough

Derek said...

I'm thinking that there's a huge mental aspect to running so far that is a factor also.