Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Steve Maxwell: Revolving Plank Complex

Steve Maxwell's plank complex.


Natural Athlete said...

Not a big fan of direct ab work, but I like planks, done variations of this allot as finishers for parkour class.

Clamence said...

Seems good for rehab for those with dysfunctional midsections.

Hard to see it adding much functional ability to someone who can squat twice their bodyweight or do a proper abwheel rollout x8 reps.

Natural Athlete said...

How many athletes do you work with who have achieved those standards Clamence?

Rannoch Donald said...

This drill is about stabilising the core. There is so much nonsense written about core training but drills such as this and the humble push up are ideal for engaging the deepest muscles of the core, stabilising the hips and lower back and linkning the upper and lower body.

Ab roll outs and twice bodyweight squats are beyond the training of most folk so it's a moot point.

Muc more likely to find yourself in a postition where being able to brace and create stucture is required.