Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moment Arm Exercise...

I had ordered this guy's book and it arrived in the post yesterday. It looks like a demanding read but I am looking forward to digging in to it. There are some interesting ideas.

There are a couple of interviews with Bill from Anthony and Doug.

What interests me is that he has developed this approach prompted by his injuries, in an effort to keep the muscles and joints in safe positions.

I may try to interview him myself too. You can get the book here if you are interested.


Bryce said...

Looks interesting, very much along the line of what McGuff/Little discuss.

One issue I'm sure I'll have with his work is that he shows a deadlift, and shows why it's dangerous, but in his example he uses an absolutely abysmal demonstration of technique (2:43), with lower back rounded, weight off line with the center of mass, etc.

I'm sure he'll make a good case for why the movement is harmful, but if that case is based upon the dangers encountered in a deadlift as he demonstrates it, then I feel he hasn't done a satisfactory job explaining why I shouldn't be deadlifting. Especially when nothing makes my back feel better!


Bryce said...

His work also seems pretty similar to what Arthur Jones attempted to accomplish with Nautilus machines: Producing a resistance curve for each movement pattern congruent with the force curve of the muscle groups utilized.

Chris said...

Hi Bryce

There are some elements of the McGuff/Little approach here with respect to exercising with proper joint function. DeSimone is trying to identify what proper joint function is.

I think you are jumping to conclusions there with respect to the deadlift. The page at 2:43 is from the book. In the book the caption is clear that it is an example of poor form. Above that photo are photos showing proper form for the deadlift. It is a lift that he recommends (for hamstrings at least).

There is a lot more in the book than is here

Chris said...

Part of the concept is similar to Nautilus with their cam which tries to address the issue of variable resistance. DeSimone brings more to the discussion though in terms of muscle torque - i.e. Nautilus attempt to even out the resistance over the range of motion through their cam; however, he says that irrespective of that the muscle itself is weaker at certain points. It is not as strong at full contraction. Congruent exercise matches the variable resistance with the variation in the muscles far as I understand it

Bryce said...

Thanks for the clarification, Chris. I definitely look forward to hearing more as you read further into DeSimone's work.

He definitely seems like a genuinely interested and enthusiastic guy. Someone who actually loves this stuff as much as we fitness nuts ;-).

I know that Arthur Jones also tried to match the variable resistance to the strength curve of the speicifc muscles being worked.


Bill DeSimone said...

Gentlemen, thanks for the interest.
Chris" comments are pretty much accurate.
One clarification: Moment Arm Exercise first came out in 2004, five years before Body By Science.
Dr. McGuff was an early supporter, and both he and John Little have been very gracious in allowing discussion of the material on their site. I think it's safe to say there is very little overlap between the two books.
Looking forward to further discussion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog but WHO ARE YOU?

I can't find your "about me" page. I was hoping to see a bit about you and some pictures of you.

Chris said...

The blog isn't about me.

but if you click on my name in these comments you will see links to my other blogs...and there are a few photos of me there. Even a couple of videos.

Rannoch Donald said...

Maybe I should interview you Chris? ;)


Skyler Tanner said...

I want to know who this anonymous character is myself. ;)


Chris said...

Really I am very boring. Honestly. No individual ideas, no great insights.

OLDDUDE said...

"Really I am very boring. Honestly. No individual ideas, no great insights." Which is in itself a great insight for a person to have.

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