Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Learn a forward roll

He maybe milks this one a bit, but it is a decent enough tutorial

From Adam Steer (who did a guest post once on mobility)


I appreciate the first two comments below, from guys that really know what they are talking about. This probably is not the most practical way to roll and it is not how I have been taught. He breaks down this particular move well.....but there is a question as to whether this is actually a useful move.


Marc said...

Actually.......not so good.
Om a mat ok.... but you would hurt your shoulder (self) pretty bad if you attempted this one on a hard surface especially if you had some velocity behind you ie; being pushed or falling. Don't think any of the parkour guys would roll this way.
Just my 2 cents....Adam has some great toher stuff I think.


Natural Athlete said...

I am a parkour coach and I have had the chance to train with CST guys the arm screw roll is a ridiculously ineffective movement. Every other martial arts based group I have worked with learns a good concrete safe roll with relatively minimal adjustment to what their already doing, you have to completely start over with CST guys. The arm screw slows you down and prevents you form effectively using your arms to absorb the ground, twisting towards the forward leg creates odd dynamics that slow you down and increase the likelihood of hitting your bones on the ground, and rolling up straight down the hips onto both feet guarantees you will smash your hip bones on concrete which is is extremely painful plus its not nearly as fast.

Chris said...

Thanks guys - I take your points and I have updated the post

John Sifferman said...

I agree with Mark and Rafe. I'm a CST Instructor, and have also learned how to properly roll. The arm screw is good for some purposes, but not for this one. Adam is a world-class coach, but I wouldn't use this technique for rolling, indoor or out. As Rafe said, it's not an efficient movement, and it won't be effective if performed in an outdoor setting.