Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Self Defence.....and political correctness

Some good thoughts from Mark Davies:

The law is an ass

Politicians & the judicial system have got to get it into their heads that a victim DID NOT CHOOSE to be attacked or burgled. If a burglar gets killed in someones house it SHOULD be viewed as "tough luck Joe", as if the burglar HAD NOT chosen to break into the persons home they would not have placed themselves in the situation that got them killed. The person who gets set upon by a gang of chavs who want to kick him or her senseless for amusement, or who want to rob them SHOULD NOT have to worry about the ramifications of saving themselves from injury.

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Bryce said...

Mark is absolutely right, and it is disgusting that people even need to write posts like this.

I agree that you shouldn't be able to seduce someone into your house, kill them, claim self defense, then get off clean for it . . . but that is the exception and not the rule.

Must justice systems are based on the idea that you have rights until you violate the rights of others. Violate someones right to private property (theft) and you lose your right to freedom (jail). Similarly, violate someones right to life (assault), and you lose your own right to the same in my opinion. The real victim shouldn't be charged with the violation of anyone's rights (which is what an assault charge is), because the assailant immediately forfeits his rights when he engages in assault/burglary.

Postmodernism at it's finest here.