Sunday, January 31, 2010

Assisted One Arm Handstand Pushup

Jim from Beast Skills is training for a one arm handstand pushup. He is almost there.

This is what he says:

In 1954, Roger Bannister was the first man to run a sub-4-minute mile. Within 3 years, 16 other runners had also. The psychological barrier had been broken.

The one arm handstand pushup holds a similar mystique. While some say it is impossible, others are busy training for it.

I've been working my one arm handstand a lot, and my pressing strength is the best it has been. Here now is some work with the assisted one arm handstand pushup. I'll say I prefer the 2-3 finger assist the best.


Marc said...

I've watched Jim train the handstands here in DC whenever our workout times overlap. It's pretty impressive in person!

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

It's certainly impressive and i'm probably just jealous but thinking of Doug McGuff's stuff, i'd have thought that the risk and potential damage from this far outweigh any benefit. However, i am impressed, and jealousy is a terrible thing!

Marc said...

Now that is pretty impressive.
Thanks Chris.


John Sifferman said...

One armed Hindu pushup from Greg Mihovich:

Chris said...

Thanks John - that is impressive!