Saturday, January 23, 2010

Paleo for bodybuilding

I was thinking more about the natural bodybuilding video I posted here.

Keith commented on a later post and it got me thinking that his physique is actually the match of many of those natural bodybuilders. He isn't training for appearance but for health and performance. He eats a paleo diet and does intermittent fasting. His excellent physique is a by-product of his training, a consequence but not necessarily the ultimate goal.

Here are some videos of Keith to show what I mean


Dr. B G said...

Love LOVE love this post!

Keith highlights also the importance of neural and CNS connections... gotta train the BRAIN for brawn! *haaa*

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool! Thanks for the recognition, Chris. Nothin' better, by the way - or more satisfying - than throwing heavy stuff overhead for distance. Well, I *can* think of other more satisfying primal acts, but... ;)

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