Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Partner Resist from Frank

Frank is a great guy - interviewed here.

Exuberant Animal presents a partner resist -fitness session at their 2009 East Coast weekend seminar, held at the Gerstung Intersport Center in Baltimore, MD, USA. Partner resist methods use one or more human partners to provide the resistance that dumbbells, barbells, stretch bands, or other fitness equipment provide - but with more innovation, fun, and extensibility. This is a group-fitness or teambuilding experience that no one will ever forget - and may want to do on a regular basis! For more information on health seminars, workshops, or even to become part of the team, visit the Exuberant Animal website.


Beck said...

That is so interesting. I wonder how long it took people to warm up touching each other and being in physical contact.

Lincoln Bryden said...

Partner work is really an excellent form of working out, especially from a personal training point of view. By using a towel you can add rows, or lat pulldown type exercises, and so work the muscles that are difficult to reach via normal bodyweight routines.