Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zen Habits...

I've been reading Zen Habits for a good while and have enjoyed Leo Babauta's book - the Power of Less.

I was therefore over the moon to find myself mentioned on the blog as a good fitness site, recommended by Mark Sisson, Rusty Moore and Mike O’Donnell. Thanks guys!

Zen Habits is a popular blog and this was the impact on my stats of getting mentioned there:

I think this is a fairly modest blog in which I just record bit and pieces that I find interesting or motivating and it is very gratifying to see that it is so well appreciated. Thanks for the support.


mc said...

my blog is even humbler, and i always appreciate the mention - immediate boost too.
thank you

Stephen said...

It should be quite the opposite way around Chris - thank you for the support and effort you put into Conditioning Research, i for one find it hugely helpful and motivating and makes a real impact on my health.


Chad said...

Thank you greatly for your time spent and thoughtful analysis.

John Sifferman said...

Thanks for putting this together for all of us, Chris. I find your blog very helpful. This is where I come to see what's going on in the world of fitness.

Mike said...


Your blog is one of my top "go-to" blogs regarding research for nutrition and conditioning. Simple, streamlined, and always interesting. Congrats on getting hits, and keep it up!

Rusty - Fitness Black Book said...


You deserve the credit and then some. You site is by far the best when it comes to up to date news in our industry.

I'm a big fan!